19 Best Backyard Discovery Swing Sets: Shopping Guide (2023)

Updated:  November 23, 2023


Are you ready to create memories that will last a lifetime? 

Backyard Discovery has a wonderful selection of more than forty playsets to turn your outdoor space into an adventure park.  

Our team at "Paper People Play"have spent time accessing the characteristics and benefits of the options available for Backyard Discovery swing sets. We're happy to post our findings to bring joy and activity into your backyard with the best swing sets, slides, and climbing walls galore providing hours of fun!

To help you save money and time, we've put together this guide with information about some of the best swing sets. This guide gives price comparisons making it easier for you to shop smart by checking stores availability, and sale prices compared to the regular price.

"Paper People Play" wants to support you in finding your perfect swing set so it's an enjoyable and easy process! 

Our goal is to provide all the information you need in one place, so comparing prices and store availability isn't a chore when making your future purchase.

Backyard Discovery Playsets

Before purchasing a Backyard Discovery playset, you will need to consider several factors.

1. Consider the size of the space the playset is going into and what it will look like there. The area should be extremely flat and include a 6-foot protective boundary to ensure safety around the swings.

2. Consider the ages of any children who will be using the playset. Playsets with varying degrees of difficulty can help entertain kids of different ages, and ensure a younger child can continue to grow into the playset for years to come.

3. Consider how you will assemble your backyard playground. Before you get started putting everything together, it's important that your preparation is just as thorough! Backyard Discovery has all the pieces and tools needed to assemble your backyard playground. Keep in mind assembly by yourself can sometimes take hours over several days or you can choose professional installation for an additional cost.

Here's some information about popular Backyard Discovery Playsets to help you make your choice. We found these playsets were closest to reviews with 5 stars.

5 Most Popular Backyard Discovery Swing Sets

1. Skyfort ii

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Ignite your children's imaginations with this luxurious raised clubhouse built with 100% cedar and a Wave Slide! 

Soaring above your landscape in true regal style - it will become their favorite kingdom of play!

Weight: 727 lbs

Dimension: W21' 11",H12' 5", D17"


•A raised clubhouse with a wood roof, windows, covered entryway, and bay windows.

• A front porch with a sun balcony as well as a crow's nest with a telescope.

• Lower Deck: Snack stand and picnic table, two belt swings, and a trapeze.

• Rock climbing wall, flat step entry ladder, 10ft speedy slide, and monkey bars.

• Stain saturation may vary but comes complete with a 5-year limited warranty ensuring safety standards are met or exceeded ASTM (code F1148-19) which applies only to residential use only.

2. Bristol Point Swing Set

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If you are worried about the ease of assembly, you should consider the Backyard Discovery Bristol Point Swing Set. With 16 pre-assembled panels and simple directions, you will have this Bristol Point with a tube slide put together in no time.

Featuring a fun tube slide, this outdoor swing set will encourage imaginative play and develop core and gross motor skills. However, it is one of the higher-end sets with durable cedar wood, so it will cost a little bit more.

Weight: 431 lbs

Dimension:W 20' 6", H 10' 9", D 14.11"


The Bristol Point is supported by the step-by-step interactive BILT® app.

• It features two slides - a spiral tube slide and a wave slide, as well as a two-belt swing and a trapeze swing.

• There is also an alcove for grilling complete with food and utensil accessories, along with battery-powered kitchen appliances such as a blender and pot/pan set, sink & faucet.

• Other amenities on the Bristol Point include: two balconies; rockwall/stepladder combo; telescope & steering wheel; 2 chalk boards; 1/2 hinged door & dinner bell – all in varying stain colors.

3. Belmont Swing Set

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The Belmont Swing is a great option if you're looking for easier assembly. It comes pre-drilled, pre-cut, and pre-stained, making it easy for a team of two to put together.

This is a middle-range set of affordability and is made of cedar, it's naturally resistant to water damage.

Weight: 216 lbs

Dimension:W 17' 7", H 9' 5", D 7' 3"


•Assembles, with step-by-step guidance provided by the interactive BILT® app.

• Covered upper deck and snack stand for added convenience.

•Rock wall ladder, a two-belt swing, and an acrobat bar for entertainment.

• 8 ft Super speedy slide ensures hours of fun playtime while the sandbox area below (sand not included) adds another layer of excitement.

• The stain colors may vary slightly from what is pictured in images or descriptions online.

4. Lakewood All Cedar Wooden Swing Set

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The Lakewood is the perfect playground for smaller yards. Let your child's imagination take flight with a raised fort featuring an eye-catching awning, a front wall with window trimming, and even its own door. Step out onto the swing beam to enjoy a two-belt swing plus one acrobat bar - then zoom back down on their 8' speedy slide which includes a standard step ladder.

Weight: 227 lbs

Dimension:W 14' 0", H 8' 7", D 11' 3"


Upper: Covered with a solid tone high-quality canvas roof, and open pickets that provide parents with a clear line of sight.

• Lower Fort: Features a full working door, 2-person bench, and snack bar.

• 8 ft super speedy wave slide and high rail side rails for safety.

• 3 Position Swing Beam: Provides two heavy-duty belt swings and two ring trapeze bars which are adjustable for kids of all sizes.

• Easy Entry Flat Step Ladder: ensures extra safety for smaller children; the top also features support handles when entering the fort.

• 100% cedar wood that has been pre-cut, pre-drilled & pre-stained to make assembly easier; supported by an interactive voice-narrated Bilt App guide during the assembly process too!

• It meets ASTM standards (code F1148) but must be used in residential settings only - otherwise warranty becomes void.It's further backed by 1-year warranty & 5 years prorated on wood material

5. Buckley Hill Swing Set

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This swing set is perfect for the younger ages. Made of cedar wood and has a sheltered deck that is three feet tall and six square feet of the play area. There are also two belt swings with rope chains. The slide is six feet long and there is also a smaller slide for smaller yards. The chalkboard is fifteen inches wide. Mesh panels on the top fort provide protection from the sun.

Weight: 147 lbs

Dimension:W 10' 3", H 7' 8", D 8' 11"


•Starter Swing Set: Ages 3-6 years old, offering a safe and fun play experience.

• Upper Fort: Built-in chalkboard and mesh enclosed walls for protection while the sturdy lower fort has been engineered to maximize stability.

• Play Features: 6 ft wave slide, side rails, 2 position swing beam with heavy duty belt swings and rope chains ideal for little hands.

• Entry Rock Wall Ladder: Provides a quick way into the top fort combined with safety handles making it accessible to everyone.

• 100% Cedar Wood pre-cut, pre-drilled & pre-stained plus supported by BILT app interactive voice narration during the assembly process.

• Backed by limited 5 year warranty & meets ASTM standards (code F1148 - 19).

Other Options (In Alphabetical Order)

Atlantis Swing Set

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If you're looking for a playset with lots to do, that can still fit into a small space, this may be the one for you.

Kids of all ages can enjoy this set because of its 4 ft. rockwall and flat step ladder entry points.

Made from cedar, this playset is very sturdy and durable. If you stain or paint it, it will last even longer. It's also one of the more affordable options.

Weight: 284 lbs

Dimension:W 18' 1", H 9' 3", D 7' 9"

Aurora Swing Set

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If you're looking for an affordable and compact option with not as much hardware for your yard, this swing set is a great option!

The Aurora swing set includes a 6ft. slide, a chalkboard, an upper open-air fort, and two belt swings. It also has a step ladder wall. This playset is especially great for younger kids, from 3 to 6 years old.

Weight: 445 lbs

Dimension:W 10' 3", H 8' 11", D 8' 11"

Beach Front
Swing Set

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This Backyard Discovery playset is a great option for older children.

The monkey bars, trapeze swing, and step ladder will provide challenging options for kids to improve their gross motor skills. The upper playhouse has a colorful canopy, steering wheel, and a telescope perfect for encouraging imaginative play and adventure.

The lower fort includes space for a sandbox and the colorful 8' foot slide makes this a fun option for your kids.

Weight: 271 lbs

Assembled Dimensions:W 14' 1", H 9' 10", D 14' 5"

Big Brutus
Heavy-Duty Metal
A-Frame Swing

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If you're looking for the best swing sets for toddlers, this is the best choice for you.

This traditional swing set includes two belt swing sets and a trapeze swing. The heavy-duty metal used to create the A-frame makes it more durable than most other playsets.

This is also a great choice if you're looking for a low-maintenance option that will last for years to come. It is the perfect size for any yard.

Weight: 185 lbs

Assembled Dimensions:W 13' 2", H 9' 6", D 9' 7"

Canyon Creek

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The Canyon Creek Swing Set comes with a 10' wave slide in green or grey, depending on the settings you choose.

It also has an upper clubhouse with a chalkboard and two balconies, 2 belt swings, a web swing, a rockwall and a flat step entry, a picnic table with benches, a lower clubhouse with a grill and accessories, a steering wheel, and a telescope.

This is a great set for a lot of different ages to encourage playing with imagination and adventure.

Weight: 352 lbs

Assembled Dimensions: W 15' 8", H 9' 11", D 15' 3"

Caribbean Wooden Swing Set

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This luxury set comes with a higher price tag but is packed full of unique features such as a swing, solid rockwall, a trapeze swing, an adorable 2-person bench swing under the shaded lower deck, a staircase to the upper deck, and a large cabana-style kid's playhouse on the upper deck that has colorful curtains.

There is also a space to track your children's growth on a chart, and a shaded spot with a hammock for kids to relax.

This is the perfect playset for kids of all ages, with varying degrees of challenges. It is, however, very large so make sure you have a lot of space.

Weight: 608 lbs

Assembled Dimensions: W 20' 6", H 12' 4", D 16' 5" 

Cedar Cove Swing Set

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This Backyard Discovery playset will keep kids busy for hours through play-based learning. It's filled with fun activities, but it's an appropriate size for most yards.

There are two slides: a wave slide and a spiral tube slide including access to a web swing, two belt swings, a rock wall, a step ladder, a grill alcove, pretend sink, plastic food, a snack window, an upper clubhouse with two balconies and a telescope and a chalkboard.

The 3-position swing beam comes with a patented swing beam extender offering wider swinging lanes. The features of this playset make it one of the safest options for children of all ages.

Weight: 492 lbs

Assembled Dimensions: W 18' 4" D 15' 3" H 9' 11"

Eagles Nest Elite
Swing Set

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This playset boasts one of the most impressive upper decks, with a crow's nest and a tall concealed clubhouse. If you're looking for a place your kids can gather and relax, or even host camp-outs, this is the best option. Simple to navigate, it's also one of the most expensive.

Weight: 851 lbs

Assembled Dimensions: W 19' 6" D 16' 0" H 11' 7"

Swing Sets

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There is a free-standing picnic table, a spinning disc web swing, a climbing wall with a rope ladder, two belt swings, and a covered upper deck to provide shade.

Assembly does take a bit of time, but it's a high-quality set that is great for varying ages.

Weight: 551 lbs

Assembled Dimensions: W 20' 2" D 11' 4" H 10' 7" 

Little Brutus Swing Set

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With Little Brutus outdoor metal swing sets, you get more than just a standard a-frame metal swing set. Our robust swing set frame is made of thick, powder-coated steel, creating a high-quality, durable feature that will last longer than the competition. 

Plus, it doesn't require staining or painting as wooden playsets do. The 3wide-lane swing positions are equipped with 2 heavy-duty 26-inch belt swings and a web disc swing. 

The fully coated chains offer the pinch-free, snag-free qualities that parents appreciate. This low-maintenance, weather-resistant swing set is easy to build and will be enjoyed in no time.

Weight: 132 lbs

Assembled Dimensions: W 12' 2" D 6' 8" H 6' 6" 

Oceanview Cedar Swing Set

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Let your little ones learn to explore and set sail to distant lands with this imaginative playground! Feel the warmth of a pleasant ocean breeze as they swing, climb and monkey around on an array of playthings. Have them keep track of their growth journey with a built-in board for precious memories. 

Enjoy restful relaxation in the shade while catching sight of ships out at sea from the balcony's great view - all without having to leave home!

One of Backyard Discovery's most popular playsets features Cabana –style clubhouse with wide windows and curtains, a staircase to the upper balcony, which connects a double swing set and trapeze bars, monkey bars, a 10 ft wave slide, a hammock to relax, and a growth board.

Weight: 439 lbs

Assembled Dimensions: W 21' 8" D 16' 8" H 12' 4"

Skyfort Swing Sets

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This playset encourages pretend play, with 10 different features. It will promote physical, cognitive, and social skills.

There is an elevated crow's nest with a telescope, a full wooden roof on the upper deck to provide a playhouse away from the elements, accent windows to encourage imagination, 2 belt swing sets, and a trapeze swing. There are two slides: a 10' wave and a 5' tube slide.

This is rot-resistant, and the pre-stained lumber provides protection and durability for years to come.

Weight: 676 lbs

Assembled Dimensions: W 19' 6" D 15' 10" H 12' 4"

Woodland Swing Sets

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The Woodland Swing Set offers one of the sweetest kid's playhouses going! Its forest cottage charm will make your child feel as though they are in a fairy tale.

Off the clubhouse, there is a sun porch, as well as an octagon porch in the lower fort. There is a 2 seated gliders and two belt swing sets, a wave slide, a rockwall, and a snack window.

This set provides lots of room if you have multiple kids playing.

Weight: 468 lbs

Assembled Dimensions: W 16' 8" D 13' 10" H 11' 3"

Woodridge Elite Swing Set

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This is one of the more desired and most expensive playsets, with good reason. There is a sprawling top level, as well as an elevated tunnel to crawl through with lookout points.

There's a wrap-around porch and an enclosed side porch with a sandbox area. There's a crow's nest, a built-in bench in the lower fort, 2 belt swing sets, a trapeze swing, a climbing wall, a stepladder, and a wave slide.

This is great for large groups of kids of all ages.

Weight: 716 lbs

Assembled Dimensions: W 19' 3" D 15' 8" H 11' 9"

"Our team of innovators and specialists are passionate about bringing our love of quality family moments to your backyard. We are everyday parents just like you, while also expert craftsmen with a long legacy of building great products for millions of customers."

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Why Purchase A Backyard Discovery Swing?

There is a large selection of playsets that stretches beyond this list. Each set offers its own unique features to help encourage a child's imagination, balance, and motor skills.

Choosing the right playset can be overwhelming, but by understanding what each set offers using this guide, you can make the right choice for you. Regardless of which playset you choose, these sets are safe and durable.

Play Dates Are Always More Fun With A Backyard Discovery Swing Set

A play date is always a fun time, but it's even more special when your friends come over to play in your play space. With a Backyard Discovery Playset, you'll have all the equipment you need to make sure hours of outdoor fun are had by all. Whether your kids love swinging or prefer climbing, these wooden activity sets provide plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy.

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