"The Ant and the Grasshopper"

"ANT AND THE GRASSHOPPER"- Paper People Play's original play, adapted from Aesop's Fables ☆ Join ANT (Page) as she teaches her friends, GRASSHOPPER BILL (Cowboy Mark) and his friend COUPON (Trace E.) a valuable lesson about preparing for the future. Also starring MISS. NEWSPAPER (Tear Reesa) and Ticket as the NARRATOR.

"Among the Clouds"

AMONG THE CLOUDS: Paper People Play's original play, "Among the Clouds." ☆ Join Happy Cloud as she explores social interactions such as shyness, anger, sensitivity and vanity among the clouds.


"Seagull and the Crabs"

See the Paper People perform in a play where Seagull played by Cowboy Mark and his Crab friends, played by Page, Tear Reesa and Trace E. learn the importance of the 4th of July on a crowded summer beach.

Behind the Scenes

"Seagulls & the crabs"

Go behind the scenes with the cast of Paper People Play as they share their fun moments during Tech week for the "Seagulls and the Crabs" play.



"Christmas Wrapping Paper"