Once Upon a Time a paper towel tube was a rocket ship, telescope or a microphone.  Children used to use their imagination to play with these inexpensive items, sometimes having more fun with them than the expensive toys their parents bought them! There is nothing like an inspired child’s imagination!

 Ahhh, you remember those days! Your heart just got lighter. Your smile is so much wider! Back in the day seems far away, but it doesn’t have to be. Such precious moments can be lived once again. Paper People Play is a family-friendly YouTube channel created to encourage children (and their parents) to use their imaginations.

Sisters Kristin and Brooke Broadwell combined their passions for learning, the arts, and most of all, family to craft a family-engaging experience reminiscent of their childhood memories. Paper People Play fosters creativity while appealing to children’s natural curiosity and desire to take part in activities that interest them.  

What better way to learn than by playing? Our paper dolls and their adventures close the gap between once upon a time and now by engaging the entire family in story time, character-building life lessons, and fundamental learning exercises. Watch our dolls act out Aesop’s Fables, and then clear the living room for your own artistic production. Learn your 1-2-3’s, ABC’s, and even how to have sunshine on a rainy day! We promote online and offline family bonding opportunities that create lasting memories and spark curious conversations.

Through Paper People Play, children develop life skills and learn to make sense of the world around them. Our videos help parents return to the childhood experiences of discovery and creativity while meeting their kiddoes right where they are. Laugh, sing, learn, and grow… together.  

C’mon, moms and dads! Gather your little ones for some play-based learning and press play on our YouTube videos!

Play Based Learning

Building on children’s natural motivation to play, we support a play-based learning program that uses play as a framework for children to explore, discover, and solve problems in a playful and imaginative way. We aspire to create a tool that fosters curiosity and enthusiasm while having fun and using play to help children tell stories and learn art while stimulating focus and concentration.

Paper People Play is designed to inspire your child’s imagination by creating a world of Paper Dolls which they can watch and actively engage with Art Videos, and Plays such as Aesop’s Fables. Perfect for Storytime, not only does "Paper People Play" teach life lessons but can help your child learn letters, numbers, shapes, colors and so much more! The hand illustrated watercolor prints of our Paper People family will encourage your child to create their own art, plays and adventures providing hours of quality time with family and friends. Cutting out our hand crafted characters, clothing and set pieces will reintroduce your family to the artistry of Paper Doll making, improving your child’s motor skills and social interactions while creating cherished family memories.