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"Paper People Play" Paper Dolls and costumes are designed from original hand-painted watercolor illustrations. Paper Dolls are high-resolution and print to 8 1/2"x11" sheets of paper. Each doll includes a grey child cut line to make it easier for younger children to cut out the dolls.

TICKET is the writer of the "Paper People Play." He enjoys bringing stories to life with his plays. He often bounces his ideas off his close friend Cowboy Mark while they are off on their adventures. He keeps Cowboy Mark busy looking for fossils, as he has a passion for dinosaurs.

When printed, TICKET is  7 3/4” tall; 4 ½” wide.

TICKET Paper Doll  Kit Includes: 
Sheet 1
* Ticket in Signature White Shirt/ Jeans with child cut line (Front)
Sheet 2
* Ticket in Signature White Shirt/ Jeans with child cut line (Back)
Sheet 3
* Doll Stand

Ages 3 and up.
Immediate Electronic Download.

All paper doll sizes can be scaled down for printing.
Parental supervision required when cutting out the paper dolls.
Watermark will be removed in the download.