Keep Calm, Play On

As a Mom or Dad, you may be asking yourself how am I going to explain what is going on, to my child?  How will I best utilize this time and how to allay fears they may have?

In reality, you're probably doing what’s necessary to keep your family and others safe.  Many are using this time to draw closer to one another. You can use imaginative play to help explain current events to your children.

paper people play miss newspaper paper doll costumeFor example, you could use Miss. Newspaper from Paper People Play's paper doll collection ("The Ant and the Grasshopper)to role-play between paper dolls showing how the news develops from the events through a reporter, to the news station, to the viewer. Your children could role-play using the Miss. Newspaperpaper doll costume to give the latest reports on how they are staying safe and how they are filling their time even if it's as simple as doing chores or online learning.

You can also use a child's scientific lab set to discuss how scientists are examining the virus to find cures and vaccines.  This in itself, could spark an interest in a scientific or medical career. You may have the next hero in a lab coat!

paper people play scientist role play  paper people play scientist kit

You can also pretend play the various occupations that are on the front lines; like the Nurse, the Doctor, the Farmer, and the Truck Driver to name a few. The true champions of our community.  And to all the champions we give a big heartfelt thank you!    

paper people play pretend play community workers

You will find interactive play is an effective and easy way to introduce scary issues without increasing your children’s’ fears. You could use this historic time to educate, make memories and draw closer to one another.  Hopefully, your children will look back and say I remember when we stayed home for weeks and laughed till our bellies ached! 

So, whichever way you choose to use your time, keep calm and play on.  Relax, catch up on lost sleep, cook your favorite cake, tell your children you love them and you're there for them.  Even though our world has slowed down, for now, we can reflect on our attitudes, and make adjustments to be our better selves when it picks back up. 

We invite you to visit our Covid-19 Family Resources page to explore pretend-play toys, costumes, and books for you and your child.

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