Washing your hands has always been important.  During the Coronavirus, even more important!  To help children understand the seriousness of washing your hands, we should give an explanation. Tell your child that we can't see germs, but they’re there.  Germs can make you sick and the way to get rid of them is by washing your hands.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends making handwashing a family activity. It's important to teach your child to get a good lather.  We want to see bubbles, bubbles, bubbles!  Wash in between fingers, front and back of the hands.  Wash hands for the length of the “Happy Birthday” song.  If your child says, well it's not my birthday, you can create your own version that relates and is easy to remember or you can use ours from “Paper People Play.”

(To the tune of “Happy Birthday”)
Wash Your Hands to Be Clean,
Tops and Bottoms In Between,
Fingertips, Palms, Thumbs, Wrists,
No More Germs Will Exist.

Check out our video where we sing our Hand Washing Song.

Twenty seconds is all you need to stay clean.  The Paper People Play, “Wash Your Hands To Be Clean” song to the tune of the Happy Birthday song works great!

Of the many soaps available, one uniquely adapted version is the paper soaps.


They’re perfect to keep in your purse or pocket. With bottled water at hand, it's great for any outdoor event, such as sporting events, camping or a fun day at the park!  Do you want to add even more fun, try confetti paper soap which adds a little excitement to the soapy mix?  Click here to see more details for the paper soap. Click here to see details for the confetti paper soap.

paper-people-play-paper-dolls-paper-soap-on-amazonWe want you and your family happy and healthy and keeping your hands washed is vital to the prevention and spread of the Coronavirus.  Let's all do our part and stay safe. 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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