White Watercolor Paint, Non-Toxic

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To make the moon and the stars add white watercolor paint to your black piece of construction paper.

Brand: Colorations


  • VIBRANT COLORS: Beautiful, pure White. Perfect for many projects and creations, crafting, painting, exploring and blending.
  • VERSATILE: can be used on paper and wood, and porous surfaces for special effects. Can lightly spray or use brushes and sponges for different effects. Spray on porous paper and watch the colors soak for unique art.
  • MULTI DIMENSIONAL: Use as strong vibrant colors, or diluted for traditional watercolor look. Mixes easily into secondary colors. Use for Resist Art, Blot Art, coloring slime or dough.
  • IDEAL LEARNING AND EXPLORING: Introduce young children to painting. A great way to learn to create, explore, discover, connect and express. Learning about colors and blending, improving fine motor skills while having fun through colorful play.
  • NON TOXIC: Achieved ASTM-D4236 standard and has the AP Seal for safety and non-toxicity. Free from most common allergens. Does not contain Latex, Dairy & Casein, Egg, Gluten, Peanut & Tree Nut or Soy.


Details: This washable water-based paint is the economical solution for classroom watercolor painting projects. Paint can be used straight from the bottle for ultimate brilliance and convenience. Use liquid watercolor on paper, wood, fabric, and filters for hours of endless fun. Pair liquid watercolor with bingo bottles, droppers, spray bottles or even just a brush to create unique designs and unforgettable artwork! non-toxic and AP certified. Made in USA by discount school supply. Colorations liquid watercolor is.. *dazzling on paper, wood, fabric, filter paper economical - replaces food coloring in art projects easy to paint with a brush, dropper, bingo bottle or sprayer safe, non-toxic, AP certified and easy to clean up *conveniently-sized 8 oz. bottles are recyclable washable from skin and fabrics quality you can trust why is Colorations liquid watercolor an important part of arts & crafts curriculum(targets naeyc Curriculum content area for cognitive development for creative expression and appreciation for the arts; provides children with varied open-ended opportunities and materials to express themselves Creatively through two- and three-dimensional art; gives children an opportunity to develop and widen their repertoire of skills that support artistic expression; great for teaching kids color recognition, primary, secondary and tertiary colors; promotes development of fine motor skills; encourages self-expression - watercolor art gives young artists the confidence to expand their creativity; extends Learning in the classroom - an art-enriched Curriculum will helps kids develop critical thinking skills, as well as give them the tools necessary to promote self-expression and problem-solving skills) Colorations liquid watercolor paints do not contain the following common allergens: (does not contain latex; does not contain dairy & case.. - discount school supply item # LWWH.

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