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FREE Watercolor Brush Pens

Free Watercolor Brush Pens- Just Pay Shipping

Retail: $30
(Just Pay Shipping)

☆ 25 Vibrant Watercolor Brush Pens + 1 Blending Brush Pen:  Flexible brush pens perfect for art therapy with easy to see barrels that match the colors of the brush so you always pick the correct color to avoid mistakes.
☆ Premium Quality and Long Lasting:  Water-soluble ink for blending just like watercolor paint.
☆ Avoid Mistakes: Colored Barrels as opposed to a barrel with the same color to avoid picking the wrong color 
☆ Safe and Easy to use: Non-toxic and meets ASTM standards for safety. 
☆ Simple Cleanup and Storage: No hassle. No mess. Stored in an organized protective tray that includes an easy to open snap top. 

Instructions:  To give a watercolor effect, dip the tip of the brush pen into the water and then apply to watercolor paper or mixed media paper. If you want your picture to have more color, you can use brush pens like markers. The clear brush pen is used for blending.

Offer expires Tuesday September 24th at 11:59 PST

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