Scientist Lab Coat for Kids Costume

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Brand: Luyee


  • Good Friends of Parents and Children: This playset gives children a new role - science explorer to motivate children to explore science, develop children's hands-on ability, self-learning ability and teamwork awareness, it is a good helper for learn and growth.
  • Versatile Lab Gear: Whether your child likes science, technology, engineering or math, this novelty playset meets his/her needs and it also can be used as a role-play costume at a child's party with his friends.
  • Suitable for Mostly 4~8 Kids: This is a one size fits most 4~8 kids costume piece. We provide the sleeve length, bust, length and other details in the details page for your reference. For younger children, it might be slightly loose, but it does not affect a good-looking apperance
  • High Quality: We have done a lot of work in quality control, just to bring you a better purchasing experience. For clothes - hand & machine washable, logo does not fade, polyester/cotton blended materials are more wear-resistant and both soft and breathable; Goggle - lighter, higher light transmission and safer splash-proof; Badge - eco-friendly plastic and double-sided window with personalized ID card, at the same time, you can store bus passes, library cards, etc.
  • Start Exploring Now: like a wonderful chemical reaction, interested in creatures under the microscope, or wonder how the rainbow formed? Start with this Science Explorer playset. Prevent liquid from being spattered into eyes, avoid soiling the clothes, and personalize the writable badge to create a unique primary scientist logo for the child.

Details: Luyee Science Explorer -This is a one size fits most of 4~8 kids costume piece. -Versatile Lab Gear and Good Friends of Parents and Children Give your child a new role as a scientist to explore STEM -High Quality Materials Just for High Quality Products 1. Glasses: Made of plastic, it is more lightweight and easy to carry. 2. Badge Holder-Made of Eco-friendly and virgin material plastic that make it more durable and its big inside room can be usd to storege bus passes,membership card and library cards for your child. 3. Lab Coat-All clothes are ironed at the factory to ensure the flatness of the clothes. The clothes are made of polyester and cotton to maintain the comfort and breathability of the cotton and the polyester‘s wear-resistant features are inherited. Suitable for hand washing at room temperature, machine wash, hanging and drying, it is not recommended to expose to the sun. Tips: Test Tubes are Not Included in the set. Start Exploring from Luyee Science Explorer.

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